Managed Services

Our ICT managed services provide you with a hassle-free, cost-effective operational process, from project scoping and planning to engineering, implementation, and evaluation. Itesalgroup is committed to providing quality managed services that help organizations focus on their business activities and initiatives without the need to worry about infrastructure, communication, or administrative tasks.

As your trusted business partner, we will design and build an array of managed services and applications that answer all your goals.

Itesalgroup specializes in delivering comprehensive outsourcing services by onsite management organizations. Our experience in all aspects of ICT management and operations enable us to deliver customized services just right.

Our outsourcing service portfolio covers strategic thinking, business analysis, and project management, as well as creating systematic service models that suit any specific requirement or difficult circumstance. Thus, corporate clients are assured that services are provided proficiently, effectively, and only within the highest standards.

Your Benefit

Thanks to our broad experience in the local market, Itesalgroup is committed to deliver quality managed solutions by adopting creative outsourcing techniques, where clients benefit from:

Adopt best-in-class technologies at fixed costs
Build seamless, well structured ICT environment
Reducing risks and resource requirements
Guaranteed service qualities thru measurable SLA parameters
Better focus on core business lines
Take control of your Total Cost of Ownership - TCO
Stress-free, cost effective, and proven processes
On site or remote management and monitoring

Itesalgroup managed services help reduce the cost and complexity of managing your own networking ICT infrastructure, while increasing corporate efficiency, productivity and operation agility.

To achieve this goal, we adopt a structured framework based on the following five key processes:

1. Consult

We offer extensive evaluation of your business objectives, organizational needs, process challenges, and technical requirements.

2. Design

We enjoy an outstanding record in solution design. Our solution architects employ advanced and best practices to ensure all of our solutions are fully integrated, robust, secure, and fit for purpose.

3. Deploy

We employ qualified personnel to ensure solutions are deployed on time, within budget, and as per client’s specific requirements.

4. Manage

We provide a structured framework for the continued delivery of managed services, reinforcing our commitment to quality, security, and best practices. Transparency is the key to our success. We take complete ownership and accountability for our solutions and provide reports to view the status and performance of services and to measure service levels.

5. Change

We understand that the operational environment is constantly changing. Service delivery needs to accommodate this change and in some cases drive it. That is done through the continuous measurement of services while applying necessary changes to the control framework, ensuring that you always receive quality service.


Reduce operational costs
Cost transparency and predictability
Enhanced quality of service and experience
Access to broader and deeper skill sets and experience
Easier adoption of standardized tool sets
Availability of technology previously unobtainable
Speed of deployment and improved business flexibility
Latest technology with upgrades included
Reduce risk when adopting new technologies
One point of contact